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MyDreamVR is a content creation platform where users can create and experience rich and immersive content. 
MyDreamVR = VR Platform + Creative Sandbox + Tower Defense Game

MyDreamVR Launches MyDream Swift App:
Convert Any Game or Video into Virtual Reality

MyDream Swift

Why wait for VR content tomorrow when you can have it today?
Swift is an app that converts any existing game into a totally immersive VR experience. it works in 3 easy steps: pick a favorite non-VR game,  select auto conversion and  experience it in VR, magically.

More Ways to Play

MyDream on Steam

Build, terraform, quest, and explore your way across beautiful voxel-based worlds in MyDream! Join our online creative community on Steam to design and share your creations or visit the ever-growing catalog of player-designed worlds!

The Three Pillars of MyDream VR: 
Create, Play & Share

Play Tower Defense

  • Move mountains, build castles & make your own puzzles
  • Lead opponents down moveable pathways in user-created tower defese mode
  • Invite others to play along and beat your challenges
  • Winning MOBA/TD gameplay combo

Create with Powerful Tools

  • Terraform & landscape
  • Fine detail at voxel level
  • Build with organic or block shapes

Share Socially

  • Defend your castle with friends
  • Explore and share your world
  • Build & explore other’s castles and challenges

Product Offering

MyDream VR is a community-generated open world platform anyone can use

  • Social & easy to use
  • Diverse quests

Three Main Advantages

  • Worlds hosted in the cloud
  • Low bandwidth requirement
  • User generated VR authoring anyone can use